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Hydraulic ramps for FCC in Cordoba

Our company, System Dock, has carried out the installation of 21 hydraulic ramps for FCC (Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas) in the city of Cordoba with the following technical characteristics: SYSTEM DOCK MOD. RHL 2025 BOX hydraulic ramp Levelling platform for 6 tonnes of load with a width of 2,000 mm x 2,500 mm with

Installation of a hydraulic ramp in Barcelona

In Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda, in Barcelona province, we installed an RHL 2025 hydraulic ramp at the facilities of the company Rotocayfo. This hydraulic ramp has a loading capacity of 16 tonnes, and includes a simple freestanding platform and fixed yellow guardrails. This installation has a peculiarity, since a free-standing platform was built in

Installation of a factory exit tunnel for a fast door in Guadalajara

For the company Logiters in their Farma warehouse (Alovera – Guadalajara) we installed a factory exit tunnel made from 40 mm sandwich panel and a metallic tube structure to support a fast door. In the lower part of the same we installed a blue 4000×5500 sectional door: on the outer part a 3500 x 5500

Loading table and double scissor table in Guipuzcoa

In this case we are dealing with a project in Guipuzcoa, for Copreci, consisting of 3 elements: 1 loading table, a standard hydraulic ramp and a double scissor table. The peculiarity of this job was the reduced space that did not allow a loading dock. To overcome this we installed 1 U-shaped lifting table (3880

Loading dock in Madrid for Nivea

Installation of a loading dock for the company Nivea in Tres Cantos – Madrid. In this case the equipment we installed consisted of: 1 RHL 2025 RAL 7016 HYDRAULIC RAMP 1 SIMPLE FREE STANDING PLATFORM 1 RETRACTABLE SHELTER 3400X3400 1 MOTORISED WHITE SECTIONAL DOOR 3000X3000 1 SET OF HOT GALVANISED LORRY GUIDES In the Madrid

Sliding fire door in Guadalajara for Logiters

Installation of a sliding fire door with EI12-60 fire resistance, 1 SHEET of 5200X5600. In a warehouse of the company Logiters, in Alovera, Guadalajara, we have built the following facilities: Upper guides and roller mounted on high resistance ball bearings. Sheet manufactured in a singe double-layered steel panel, filled with rock wool and finished in

Facility in Bilbao with sectional doors and retractable shelters

We have now finished an important facility in Santurce for the company Progeco Bilbao. This transport logistics and warehousing company trusted in our professionalism and know-how for the installation of 10 RHL 2030 hydraulic ramps with a load resistance of 16 tonnes, 10 sets of metallic buffers 460x240x100, the installation of 10 retractable shelters 3434

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