In Valencia, we have built an installation of 5 complete sets for Frutas Ribes, the characteristics of which are:

SYSTEM DOCK MOD. RHL 2025 Hydraulic ramp

Characteristics of the hydraulic ramp installed by System Dock at Frutas Rives.
We have carried out the installation of a levelling platform for 6 tonnes of load with a width of 2,000 mm x 2,500 with the lip open.

The structure has hot laminated IPN beams and diamond plate of 6/8mm that achieves homogeneity in merchandise loading and prevents deformation from frequent use. The structure is activated using a single effect hydraulic piston and an anti-fall system in the event of coupling breakage.

The pistons operate using a hydraulic pump that is activated by a 1.5 HP motor and electric valve. The pistons are linked to the control unit using couplings. The platform has an electric panel that allow an emergency stop when required.

The colour is RAL 7016.
400x80x80 rubber buffers included.
The pit measurements required for the installation are 2040x2300x610.


  • Tube and diamond plate structure
  • Adjustable legs
  • RAL 7016


The retractable shelter we installed has the following characteristics:

  • Width 3400
  • Height 3400
  • Depth 600
  • Double frame of galvanised steel finished in aluminium.
  • Perimeter curtain wall of black flexible PVC sheet
  • Reinforced black PVC frontal sheet with double 3 mm thick interlining.

Subsequently covered with refrigeration panel.

The free-standing platform and the shelters come pre-assembled to facilitate mounting at the site.
The ramps and shelters in grey RAL 7016 and the shelter in black.