For the company Logiters in their Farma warehouse (Alovera – Guadalajara) we installed a factory exit tunnel made from 40 mm sandwich panel and a metallic tube structure to support a fast door. In the lower part of the same we installed a blue 4000×5500 sectional door: on the outer part a 3500 x 5500 blue folding sectional door. The transit between the doors is regulated by a set of traffic lights with red and green lights with a system of pre-flashing in red.

Pre-flashing light, pre-signal plate for the flashing lamp, integrated voltage-free control panel.

On the other side a 13,7000 long, 3,000 mm wide bridge was installed, built with a metal structure of tube supports, diamond plate and beams. This connects two warehouses separated by an unused rail line. As safety elements on the bridge, it is equipped with crash barriers for the forklifts, safety rails with 1,100 mm handrails and 150 mm plinth.