In this case we are dealing with a project in Guipuzcoa, for Copreci, consisting of 3 elements: 1 loading table, a standard hydraulic ramp and a double scissor table.

The peculiarity of this job was the reduced space that did not allow a loading dock. To overcome this we installed 1 U-shaped lifting table (3880 x 4580), with an elevation to 1300 for 6 tonnes. This table is what becomes the loading dock.

Within the U-shaped table a standard RHL hydraulic ramp was installed (2000 x 2500) for 6 tonnes, with a mechanical anti-fall safety system.

Finally there was a 150 x 3880 double scissor table, with 5100 elevation for 5 tonnes. This table is what lifts the merchandise to a second storey.

Fully customised by means of a personalised study carried out over various weeks.

It operates as follows: the lorry arrives, the U-shaped lifting table rises together with the hydraulic ramp creating the loading dock and on which the forklift is waiting. Once the lorry is unloaded, the merchandise is left on the U-shaped table if the double scissor is on the other storey. Then the merchandise is taken to the double scissor which takes it to the second storey. Up there, another forklift waits to unload this table.