Installation of a sliding fire door with EI12-60 fire resistance, 1 SHEET of 5200X5600.

In a warehouse of the company Logiters, in Alovera, Guadalajara, we have built the following facilities:
Upper guides and roller mounted on high resistance ball bearings. Sheet manufactured in a singe double-layered steel panel, filled with rock wool and finished in lacquered grey, with reinforced U-shaped perimeters, upper and lateral enclosure with intumescent joints, smoke-stopping profiles. Lateral counterweight box in galvanised steel and drive via cables and pulleys.
Position of the door always open. Closing by E12-60 resistance electromagnet.


Includes supply and mounting of structure for doorway using UPN 120 in box
Includes RF 90 intumescent paint on structure of sliding door supports and beams.