The fast doors are designed for high-traffic doorways, such as in warehouses, loading docks etc.
We have two types of door available: rolling and folding and with different control systems such as electric button, remote control, magnetic field and photocell.
Achieve maximum environmental control and separation at the doorway with the System Dock fast doors. The main function of a fast door is to act as a barrier. Fast doors protect us from damage, save energy and help us to separate processes for optimum productivity. The most important job of this type of door is simply to open and close quickly and safely whenever required.
The revolutionary line of System Dock fast doors is designed with these efficiencies in mind to take your workflow to its highest potential. Known for their speed, low maintenance and maximum operation time, our fast doors offer the widest range of solutions in the industry so as to meet all your requirements.
At System Dock we have a great variety of solutions in fast doors in rolling and folding designs, available in versatile runner configurations. The cycle times of our doors maximise energy savings by minimising the quantity of air that can escape each time they open or close. Unlike traditional rigid doors, the flexible rolling doors can take an impact from a forklift truck and reset again to perfection. This is a huge benefit in a warehouse space, where damaged doors can mean significant costs in terms of stoppage times and service calls as well as the loss of energy.

Our fast door models

We manufacture and maintain fast doors and these products: