The System Dock ramps are for dynamic loads of 6,000 Kg and static loads of 9,000 Kg, being adaptable to client requirements both in terms of tonnage and size.

Fully equipped with features such as emergency stop, maintenance bar, anti-shear skirting, 24Vcontrol panel and non-fall valves in cylinder bases, making our ramps completely safe.

We have all types of model:

  • RHL Hydraulic ramp with folding lip
  • RHR Hydraulic ramp with telescopic lip
  • Automatic and manual mobile hydraulic ramp

And al types of pit:

  • Conventional pit with frame
  • Box Model
  • Self-supporting


  • Ral 7016 standard colour
  • Other colours at client request
  • Hot galvanised
  • Fully rustproof machinery

Operation of the hydraulic ramps

RHL Hydraulic ramp with folding lip

The ramp is totally automated. The pressing of a button activates the lifting mechanism and at the same time, opens the folding lip. When it reaches full ramp height, the lip opens; release the button and the platform slowly descends to rest on the lorry. We can now proceed with the safe loading or unloading of the merchandise.

The RHL hydraulic ramp, manufactured by us, is made using diamond plate with hot laminated longitudinal profiles. The plate has a thickness of 6/8 mm. It naturally adapts – thanks to its elasticity – to a slope of 100 mm, allowing great variety in the vehicles with which it can work.

The plate of the folding lip has a thickness of 13/15 mm, is diamond plate, and includes reinforcement on its lower face with 8 mm plate. The lip adapts perfectly to all types of lorry or unloading vehicle surfaces. A single effect cylinder actuates the movement of the lip.

RHR Telescopic ramp

This ramp has a telescopic lip operated by a button allowing the extension or retraction of the lip according to need.

Made from 6/8 mm plate and the lip from 13/15 mm diamond plate. The elasticity of the design allows it to cope with a slope of up to 100 mm. A double effect cylinder performs the extension and retraction of the lip.

Mobile ramps

The best solution in the absence of a loading dock is to use a System Dock mobile ramp. We can manufacture and deliver it with a loading capacity adapted to client requirements, made with a lip of 13/15 mm plate, and a re-enforced floor.

The mobile ramp is installed behind the unloading platform of the lorry where the operative in charge of its operation activates the hydraulic pump (manually or automatically) so as to achieve the required height at any particular time (from 1000 mm to 1600 mm). It is fixed to the lorry using special anchoring chains for the ramp and we can now proceed with the loading/unloading of the vehicle manually or with a forklift.

Safety measures for our ramps

All our hydraulic ramps have the following safety features built in:


– They have an emergency stop that can be activated at any time.
– They have a maintenance bar.
– Anti-shear skirting.
– A 24V control panel.
– Non-fall valves in cylinder bases.