Lifting tables are an essential element at various times during the production, handling, repair and checking of parts or products in the transport and packaging of the merchandise being worked with, since different levels need to be connected in a practical and efficient manner so as to be able to work in comfort and at speed.

Lifting tables allow us to work with greater efficiency and speed, which translates to greater company productivity. In addition to facilitating the work, they increase job safety for the workers, since this automated machinery carries out the most dangerous transport and handling tasks.

Our tables take charge of lifting or lowering whatever type of heavy or voluminous load it may be, since we can customise them to the needs of each client.

A defining characteristic of the System Dock technical and sales team is that it adapts to the needs of the clients, studying and offering endless possibilities with their lifting tables. System Dock adjusts to all the requirements of its clients, custom building machinery to their demands, to be used in any type of logistics, whether it is in manual, automatic, or robotic line systems, being able to work continuously with the other machinery of independently.

Given its great versatility and adaptation possibilities, it is a god idea to carry out a study of client requirements and consider many factors so as to make the machinery as useful as possible in its current location, but also in possible future situations of increased merchandise tonnage or size.

We can say with absolute certainty and from our experience with our clients, that the System Dock lifting tables will achieve improvements in the production, logistics or transport lines, improving performance and efficiency, reducing working times and increasing productivity.


Types of lifting table

We have a wide variety of lifting table models; standard scissor, double or triple scissor, for loading docks, ball platform, for cars, pallets, with guardrails, with tabs, side-leaf, with rollers, safety rails, extra-flat, etc.

All our lifting tables are equipped with several safety features that we would like to highlight:

– They have a 24 V control panel.

– The table controls allow control by continued pressure.
– In the base of the cylinder, there is a non-fall safety valve so as to improve safety.
– All around the edge of the distinct tables, there is a protective frame (foot-guard).
– We offer a table maintenance and repair service.