muelles de cargaLoading docks (loading and unloading points) are structures that provide a platform to facilitate the loading and unloading of merchandise from lorries and other vehicles, like the docks that SYSTEM DOCK has installed for FCC in Córdoba for example. The docks are placed at different heights depending on the construction type, they can even be interior.

To carry out the transfer of merchandise and the handling of materials between the vehicle and the facility and vice versa, providing simple and safe means for the operatives and merchandise, the loading docks are equipped with various components.

Loading bay components

The use of these components will vary depending on many factors, such as weights, volume, merchandise characteristics, and other factors, and will help – along with other advantages – to overcome the any level difference between the lorries and the entrance of the warehouse. Each one of these components has a different function, as follows:
The hydraulic loading ramps are an essential element in the loading dock. They are responsible for levelling out the difference between the dock and the lorry, facilitating the transfer of merchandise.

A retractable shelter serves to insulate the merchandise delivery space. Temperature insulation and also maintaining hygienic insulation, avoiding, among other things, the entry of fumes and other contaminants.

A sectional door is what opens or closes access to the material warehousing and/or loading area. They can be manufactured in various colours (depending on the order) but a common characteristic of all of them is that they provide thermal and acoustic insulation.

The fast doors at the loading docks are for intensive use since they are open for the minimum possible time, minimising contamination and heat loss.

A strip curtain separates environments, minimising the entry of dust and other external elements, but at the same time allowing the movement of forklifts through them.

The loading bridges are ideal for covering the gap between the loading docks and the lorries.