A mobile loading and unloading ramp is a metal ramp that can be rapidly assembled and dismantled for the loading and unloading of transport containers and trailers from vehicles without the need for permanent loading docks. It is placed at the rear of the lorry or other vehicle to provide access for the forklift trucks to go up the ramp quickly and safely and into the container or lorry.

The containers, lorries or trailers are usually loaded/unloaded from the rear of the vehicle, placing the rear part against a concrete loading dock with an elevated floor, the load is then moved using counter-weighted lifting trolleys. The cargo compartment is designed to be at approximately the height of the vehicle with a levelling device to overcome any height difference. However, there are many situations in which it is not possible to use a permanent loading dock. In these cases, a mobile loading ramp is an ideal solution, allowing the quick and efficient loading and unloading of lories, trailers and other vehicles using forklift trucks. Having a mobile ramp also provides back-up in the event of any problem with the loading dock, and can also provide additional flexibility if there are vehicles that cannot be used with the loading dock.

Details of one of our mobile ramps

Since they are mobile, the ramps can also be used inside or outside the buildings, avoiding the necessity of building costly permanent coupling docks and they are ideal for short-term use during periods of maximum traffic or for temporary uses and places.

Additionally, the yard ramps usually include a trailer bar or a coupling allowing them to be moved quickly and easily around the site by a forklift and placed somewhere different as required. Its mobile design makes it ideal for small sites where the space is an inconvenience, or sites with loading and unloading operations/requirements that change rapidly.