Retractable shelter

The SYSTEM DOCK retractable shelters are designed for installation in warehouses where isolating the climate controlled merchandise zone and zones with the highest hygiene guarantees in the handling of merchandise is desired.

In this way we avoid the entrance of contaminant fumes, the loss of temperature and air currents

Industrial sectional door

The SYSTEM DOCK sectional doors are made from galvanised steel plate with a plastisol coating and internal insulation of high density injected polyurethane. These manufacturing materials ensure a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation, tightness and safety. They can be opened and closed manually or with a motor. They are made up of 40 mm thick panels, or 80 mm in the case of thermal insulation.

  • Great variety of colours.
  • Fittings in galvanised steel.
  • Elevation via torsion springs.
  • Lower closing latch.

The nature of the materials and finishes keep the maintenance costs to a minimum thanks to the high quality of our industrial sectional doors.

We can apply any colour from the RAL range on the outer surface using a lacquer; a great variety of RAL colours are available, the standard colours are: White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and metallic silver (RAL 9010, 6005, 3000, 5010, 1021 and 9006 respectively). If you require special colours, ask the factory.

Technical characteristics of the doors: the door fittings are of galvanised steel, they are equipped with a latch for interior closing, balance is achieved using torsion springs, the sections (panels) are articulated and of 40 mm/80 mm thick. The guide systems are manufactured depending on the characteristics of the facility.

We offer a sectional door maintenance service, for our own doors and those of other manufacturers, with the guarantee of our brand and our clients, some of whom are the top brands in their sectors: Siemens, SEUR, Alcampo, Nivea, Bimbo, Eroski, etc.
Trust in us as hundreds of other clients have.

Our sectional doors comply with all the requirements of standard EN 13241-1: 2003 CE.

Strip curtains

Strip curtains are ideal for the meat, bakery, food, and hospitality industries.
A practical and economic system, ideal for the separation of atmospheres, being able to accommodate the movement of forklifts and avoid the entry of dust, insects etc., and achieve maximum noise insulation.

They are the entry point for the loading and unloading of lorries at the loading docks.

Loading bridges in steel or aluminium

SYSTEM DOCK manufactures steel and aluminium, fixed position or moveable loading bridges.

They are designed for loading points with a short distance to the lorry.

Accessories for loading docks

SYSTEM DOCK manufactures all kinds of accessories such as freestanding frames rubber buffers, lorry guides, chocks, lip kits and hydraulic kits among others.

All these elements make up the loading dock

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