Post sales service and maintenance contract

Post sales service

System Dock has an excellent post sales and maintenance service to deal with any requirements quickly and at a very reasonable cost to the client.

Our products have been designed and manufactured to exceed the present UNE-EN-13241, UNE-EN-1398 and UNE-EN-1570 regulations.

In this way, we prioritise user safety via the incorporation of materials adapted to the Regulations with CEE standardisation.

Entrust your installations to us, even if they are by other brands.

Technical assistance service

Aware that the maintenance of loading facilities and doors is essential for the correct operation of your activity, we offer the rapid intervention of our qualified technical team, capable of resolving the problem and resuming the habitual activity of the company as quickly as possible.

Equipment automation and spares service

We automate manual sectional doors and loading docks so that they comply with the regulations and make your facilities a safer and more comfortable place.

We also have a multi-brand spares warehouse, and can deliver quickly so as to facilitate the work of the technicians.

Preventative / corrective maintenance

We offer the Maintenance Service so as to help the client comply with the UNE-EN 12635-2002 E+ A1:2009 regulation that stipulates the obligation to carry out the maintenance of the same.

By contracting our maintenance service the clients will avail themselves of the following advantages:

  • Discount on labour used on preventative / corrective maintenance.
  • Discount on spares used on preventative / corrective maintenance.
  • Assistance within 24 hrs. of the client report.
  • Preferential technical assistance.
  • Free delivery of the maintenance book.

Accessories and spares

We understand the requirements of our clients very well, so we offer a wide range of accessories and spares for loading docks, such as dock buffers, polyurethane or metallic wedges, lorry guides, lights, etc. Also, we help with compliance with the current regulations automating ramps even if they are not made by System Dock.